Protect your business

Whatever the size of your business, our monitoring and data systems reduce emergency incidents and protect you against false claims.


Protect your people

Our world’s best vehicle monitoring systems keep your people safe, with simplified OH&S compliance and improved driver performance.


Protect your fleet

Our leading edge, integrated technology-based solutions provide easy-to-use, real-time monitoring systems to protect your transport assets.

GoLive is a leader in Australian fleet monitoring technology.

We build economical solutions tailored to your business. We use leading-edge technology across our products to give you easy-to-use, real-time protection for your people, your fleet and your business.

GoLive – the benefits

Emergency Incidents

Improved driver safety and performance means fewer incidents and accidents.

OH&S Compliance

Real-time data will help improve driver fatigue and make OH&S compliance easier.

Insurance Claims

Our value for money solutions will help reduce insurance claims against you.


Improved driver and fleet performance will keep your operating costs down.


GoLive has worked with clients across multiple industries including passenger services, transport & logistics, waste & recycling and ICT,  through to the construction, insurance, health and local government sectors.


Our expert teams use leading-edge technology to build monitoring solutions to suit your fleet, whatever the size and nature of your business.

Live Streaming

Real-time video so you know your people and your fleet are safe

Remote Video Download

Access your fleet movements – anywhere, anytime

Emergency video notifications

You will be the first know in emergency events

Cloud storage

Cloud back-up for your emergency incident footage

Email Notifications

Access your footage straight from your inbox

Health Checks

Receive regular, comprehensive fleet system status reports

SMS Alerts

Optional updates direct to your mobile

Customisable Solutions

Tailored solutions for your fleet – completely new system or upgrade existing systems.

Remote maintenance

Expert support for any problem from anywhere

Australian based servers

AWS Servers are locally based for reliability and security

24/7 support

Australia- based expert team on call for you 24/7

API integration

Seamless integration into your existing system.

Real-time – Easy to use

Our products, systems and software are tested and have proven reliability under all conditions.

by Golive Monitoring

Welcome to Fleet Learning

The next-generation fleet tech solution that collects, processes and interprets data from the cabin of each vehicle to improve efficiency, productivity and safety. The comprehensive fleet tech solution designed to improve driver safety and vehicle usability.

Revolutionising vehicle monitoring, management and safety through cutting-edge AI technology and advanced data analytics.

    We have worked with major Australian and international companies and organisations.

    GoLive will deliver the world’s best monitoring solutions for your business – whatever the size of your fleet. Contact us now.